Paint My Life!

Period: April 2015 - April 2016

The accredited community for this project is a hosting community for people with disabilities. In this community the attendances are planned through the individualized planning, which represents the tool of a strong helping relationship and a constructive accompaniment of the disabled person. All the offered activities are tools of the user’s participation, integration and leadership, as an integrant part of each walk of life.

One of the main goals is to stimulate and support the social and cultural integration in the local community through well studied initiatives.

The volunteer, in the light of his learning expectations and of the skills to be developed, can be involved in some of the following initiatives:

  • A project called “Creative Workshop” with the goal to enable artistic workshops for users to produce handcrafts (magnets, clips, tweezers, paperweights and decorative panels with subjects drawn by the users). The volunteer can cooperate to the design of new artistic products and to the preparation of the raw material (wood, mosaic tiles, colors etc.)
  • A project called “Ri-Uscire”, which is an activity development of the guests’ free time, implementing all the fun activities and the informal relationships between the hosts and the local community citizens;
  • An activity of artistic management of the project called “Life Diary”, a project that involves the collection of moments, places, stories and hobbies of those guests who feel that they are able and ready to express the will to do so. The story will then be accompanied by paintings, pictures, thoughts and writings of the guest.

The first finality intends to promote an open relationship by the hosts, through the development of the individual expressiveness; the workshop will be a useful tool to develop some objectives in every host (increase concentration abilities, discrimination abilities, first approach to work experience…) and all the handcrafts will be shared with the local community thanks to the business ventures interested in displaying them in their shops.