Operation period: January 2016 - January 2017

The context of the project “Join Us” is the area of Pordenone, in which there are different youth centers which collaborate in order to create innovative visions for youth politics. The progetto giovani “Zanca”, headquarter of the project, plays an important role in promoting and supporting, in the traditional and innovative field, and represents a great growth opportunity for young people in this area.

The volounteer is involved in a project which includes transversal activities between different CAG (youth centers) which will be carried out under the guidance of Itaca’s Youth Politics responsible. After the first round of observation, the volounteer will be involved in different activities:

  • Opening of new communication channels/comparison between services (headquarter: Sacile,but it would change eventually): planning of common events between the different headquarters,checking the various projects by creating multimedia tools, creating registers and communication tools between different realities.
  • Collaboration with schools and other educational entities of t6he various territories (headquarter: Sacile,but it would change eventually): preparation of informative meetings with high school students about formative and mobility opportunities around Europe.
  • Support to the activity of the local Eurodesk point: news update, collection of information on the Intranet database, promotion of initiatives carried out by the network and participation to the network’s biannual formation meetings.