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Arrival of the volunteer scheduled for September 2016

The volunteer will help the guests of the mental health Center to carry out an autonomous life and take part to different creative activities , will actively support the guests in the reaching of autonomy,will help them to carry out everyday’s tasks according to their capabilities (make the bed, prepare the meals, go out to buy a newspaper), to participate to leisure ( go out for a coffee, go to the cinema) and formal (basic skills) activities, and also therapeutic ones. So the volunteer, through this spontaneus relationship, will get in touch with the world of interpersonal dynamics in a mental health center and with educational practices and laboratories for the guests, such as a music laboratory, lyrics reading and a computer lab; we also would like to start a project in which we will create a movie about psychiatric diseases in our area, which will be organized with the collaboration of people outside of the center who would like to help to create the integration process. After the first step, in which the volunteer will observe, listen and pay attention to relationship bondings, he will start a more operational work. once that there is a stable connection, the volunteer will start activities and projects with the collaboration of the equipe , the guests and the local community supporting the dialogue, the intercultural confrontation and solidariety.