Time to go

Arrival of the volunteer scheduled for September 2016

The EVS project “time to go” was designed to give the volunteer the opportunity to learn and to improve his supporting skills towards people with physical disease regarding 3 projects: “Solimbergo”, “ Officina creativa", "Free Time". The guests who live in the center can freely take part to one or more projects, intervene in one specific activity or more phases, ensure continuity or not.

  • “Solimbergo” project will be carried out in 2 different ways, which will give to the ones who choose to participate the opportunity to acquire work-related skills and to integrate with Maniago’s society and its surroundings: thanks to the collaboration with the city and other territorial associations, volunteers and guests will be involved in activities of maintenance of the green areas, or more specifically maintenance and design of gardens, flowerbeds and parks; we expect this to take more or less 3 hours per week; we will outline a laboratory for the reuse, which will be aimed to enhance the creativity and will also be a way to promote integration as a process of awareness, thought, knowledge of others and overcome of the stereotype

  • “Officina Creativa” project will engage the users for 2 hours every afternoon, they will be able to create handcrafts (magnets, paperweights, barrettes and decorative panels designed by the guests themselves). The manipulation of the materials and the techniques that they use used will stimulate their abilities and get in touch with his own perception and will help him to develop his concentration while focused on simple tasks.

  • “Free Time” project: the volunteer will go with the user through a process of activities to share with other people with physical disease in the same area. The goal is to create common activities such as going to the cinema, to concerts or other events, helping the user to spend some time with people who don’t live in the center. This activity can be carried out twice a week.